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Working From Home: Tips for Productivity - Eleanor's Place

WFH. This is reality for so many of us! New responsibilities, adjusting to new schedules, staying motivated. We’ve put together some tips that help us stay on top of tasks while working from home (when we’re not at Eleanor’s Place).

  1. Find a comfortable spot in your home to dedicate as your workspace. This means getting off the couch and out of bed.
  2. Keep your normal schedule as if you were going to work so you can maintain your routine and get in the zone.
  3. Check in with clients and teammates throughout the day to maintain a collaborative mindset.
  4. Take a regular lunch hour and a few snack breaks to keep your energy levels up and avoid fatigue.
  5. Set aside time to do something active. Whether it’s a morning workout, a walk in the park, or a journey upstairs, be sure to get up and move!