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Working From Home: Tips for Moms - Eleanor's Place

Mamas, we see you. Here are some WFH tips we’ve gathered to help with those two jobs (motherhood being one)!

  1. If it works for you, rise early. Getting up before the kids are awake gives you valuable me-time and time to knock out some of your most intense work.
  2. When your kids wake up, give them some undivided attention (no phone in hand!) and then set some expectations for the day ahead.
  3. If you’re not with us at Eleanor’s Place, make sure you have a spot in your home that your kids know is your workplace and place to be left undisturbed.
  4. If you have young children at home, encourage child-led activities, such as crafts and games that can keep your kids entertained with little supervision.
  5. Do what you need to ensure your well-being! Set some healthy boundaries, including quiet time for the house, alone time for you, or asking help from your partner.
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