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Member Spotlight: Kiera Palmer - Eleanor's Place

Meet Kiera Palmer: Our November 2020 Member Spotlight.


Kiera is the Founder and CEO of The Social Project (@thesocialprojectbiz), a full service digital marketing and social media management agency. She is also the Founder of The Women Project (@the.womenproject), a women’s networking organization.

Kiera graduated from The University of Georgia. After graduation, she moved to Buckhead and has been here ever since! She lives at home with Trey and their dogs. She loves all things UGA Football and proudly bleeds Red and Black. Kiera is also a NY Yankees fan, a wine enthusiast, amateur photographer, a philanthropist, and dog lover to name a few things, and you can find her performing on stage with her dance family from time to time and, yes, she has a killer hip-hop alter ego. 

In her spare time, you probably cannot find her (unless you are following her on Instagram) as she is probably out exploring the globe (outside of COVID restrictions). Paris will always be her favorite and maybe we will see her living there part time in the future. Travel is definitely one of her biggest passions in life, and you can follow her adventures over on Instagram at @theblonderer


“Eleanor’s Place is one of my favorite places in the city and not just for co-working. I feel at home there and yet inspired to take on the world in my businesses! I have also met some pretty amazing women there. Being the founder of The Women Project, I am so very passionate about being a part of inspiring communities of women. You will hear me say this often, when you are surrounded by like-minded, supportive women, the narrative changes. You somehow find that little light inside you (your motivation), and it grows into this massive burning flame. Be that light that passes on to the next woman, and this world lights up in one huge, powerful, positive, and inspiring flame!”