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Healthy Habits to Kick Off Your Day Strong - Eleanor's Place

Start your day off right!

  1. Morning Meditation: Right after your alarm goes off, do an intentional 5-10 minute stillness practice, focusing on deep breathing. This will help clear your head and allow you to find the bigger picture for your day.
  2. Journaling or Reading: Journaling and reading in the morning are two ways to start your day feeling inspired and motivated. Science shows that these rituals lead to high performance throughout the day, so go ahead and invest in a nice journal or pick up that personal development book you’ve been putting off reading.
  3. Yoga: Reading about the benefits of morning yoga will make you want to throw away your iPhone and grab a yoga mat immediately! A mindful, daily yoga practice is proven to relieve stress, anxiety, and leads to a higher quality of life. Yoga is the perfect morning ritual for those looking to slow down a bit and reconnect with themselves.
  4. Affirm Your Goals: Consciously affirming your goals by saying them out loud or writing them down helps you externalize your dreams by giving them form. Doing this as a morning ritual is a powerful way to reinforce your priorities and integrate them into your everyday mental space.
  5. Make Breakfast: This one might seem like more of a task than a ritual but with some mindfulness, you can turn your daily breakfast preparation time into a meaningful ritual. Put a little extra effort into your breakfast routine to prepare a meal for yourself that nourishes both your mind and body and sets you up for success throughout the day.