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Jennifer Morgan | Founder

“Work hard. Be kind.”

Jennifer's Personal Motto

Former CNN journalist and NBC national news correspondent, Jennifer Morgan left journalism to become a mother of four and a wife. A decade later, Jennifer is on a mission to create a community of women to work, connect, inspire, and network. Jennifer believes that no job is worth doing unless it is done well. From chairing an event to parenting a child, she believes full attention should always be given in tackling each project with heart and enthusiasm. As she balanced motherhood and running a household, Jennifer struggled to accomplish her tasks well and knew from connecting with her personal network that she was not alone. Finding herself working from her car or the local coffee shop, she knew there was a better solution — not only for her — but for all female professionals, entrepreneurs, working and stay-at-home moms who are constantly juggling their roles. From here, the idea for Eleanor’s Place was born – the catalyst for connecting busy, like-minded women and providing them resources and inspiration to accomplish what drives them.