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Member Spotlight: Emma Major - Eleanor's Place

Introducing Emma Major, our February 2020 Member Spotlight!


“Through Major Traveler, I desire to create a storyteller out of each client through uniquely curated travel experiences. No two client trips are the same in my book! Anyone could give you a preset itinerary and send you on your way. But, I am committed to providing a designer travel experience in which every detail is crafted custom.”

After graduating from the University of Georgia with a BS degree in Marketing, Emma moved to Atlanta to work for a strategic marketing and communications firm. She found a love for building client relationships, but had an undeniable passion for the travel industry, leading her to pursue her dreams through Major Traveler. Through her travels, Emma has realized the value of stepping outside your comfort zone and broadening your perspective, constantly seeking new destinations and unique corners of the world so that her clients can have memorable experiences.

Her motto she lives by in the travel industry: “An outstanding itinerary is a craft. I work with clients to formulate a plan that affords their journey the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure – outlining the cadence of activity that beats to a rhythm customized specifically for you, harmonizing pace, spontaneity and the right amount of luxury to make your vacation extraordinary and unforgettable.”  

Emma says her biggest role model would likely have to be the potentially controversial Meghan Markle. “I find her pre-royal life fascinating! She earned her spot in Hollywood and took her platform further than just being an actress. She traveled to experience the world and advocated for women’s education outside of the US. I love this quote from her and remember it often when I think about making the most of my space in the travel industry. ‘You draw your own box. You introduce yourself as who you are. You create the identity you want for yourself.'”


“Eleanor’s Place has been a game-changer for me over the last few months! As a small business owner who works from home, I was desperate to get out of the house. Not only does Eleanor’s Place provide a place to work, but it provides a place for inspiration. I get the opportunity to interact with other women, learn about what they do and how they are succeeding in their fields. My favorite part would be the snacks and drinks. M&M’s with a diet coke make for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!”